Trial Guidelines

Trial/Team Selection Process


The objective of the trial/selection process is to form a team or teams (age dependent) of the top players in the grade, from those eligible to play in the grade and who make themselves available for selection. The selected Island Bay teams are called the Sharks from 11th grade.

Trials are based on the following principles:

  • Players wishing to trial must be registered (including fees paid) with IBU AFC Juniors
  • All registered players who are eligible to play in the grade and who wish to play in the Sharks will be given an opportunity to participate in the trial process.
  • Team selection will be based purely on a player’s ability to contribute to the team in terms of their technical ability, vision and awareness, attitude, fitness, suitable availability for the season.
  • To ensure objectivity in selection there will be at least two selectors, although there may be more.
  • The selection panel will be a combination of two non-parent independent selectors, and coaches who have a previous knowledge of the players. The coach of the Sharks team for that grade is likely to be a selector. It is noted that this person is also likely to have a child trialling. In previous years completely independent selection panels were tried and were not successful because the knowledge built over the years was not available. Any selector who has a child trialling will be asked to be scrupulously fair and if their child is borderline the Coaching and Development Manager will assess the coach’s child within the rankings given at the trial.
  • As far as possible, selectors should be people with a sound technical knowledge of the game
  • The prior knowledge any selectors have of a player may be considered as a factor in selection, but must be balanced against the performance of the player during the trial process. There should be recognition that new players to the club need to be given a full and fair opportunity to display their skills and abilities.
  • In the advent of selectors having differing views over the selection of a player, the view of the majority of selectors will prevail. The Coaching and Development Manager will liaise with the junior club captain if there is disagreement.

Trial Schedule

The trial schedule is prepared by the trial convenor.

The teams will be selected as soon as possible after registration closes and named on the club website.

A second trial may be  required dependent on the number of players who attend the first trial and the ability of the selectors to assess all players sufficiently enough to enable them to select a team at the first trial. If a second trial is held it may involve a lesser number of players.

If further trials are required (over and above the trial referred to above), this is at the discretion of the  Coaching and Development Manager who shall consult with the trial selectors and convenor.

Call back Trial(s) date will be posted on the IBU Junior AFC website.

Notice of trials

All players registered with IBU and eligible for the grade in question are invited to participate. Notice of trials will be posted on the IBU Juniors website.

Communication of selections

Once the top team has been selected, it will be named on the club website under the Trials tab. The date for naming teams will be communicated at the trials. A few players may be contacted by either the head coach for the team (if already appointed), the grade coordinator, or one of the trial selectors to offer a place in the top team and check they are happy. If any player declines, the selectors will consult to confirm which player(s) will be selected instead. Once the top team(s) have been confirmed, the non-selected players are placed into other teams, with the general aim of keeping better skilled players together under a ‘best with best, like with like’ philosophy.

Selecting streamed team coach

Coaches of Premier League teams shall have suitable coaching experience.

If there is more than one candidate, the Junior Club Captain shall make the appointment.

Guidelines for Conducting a Trial

  • The trial may begin with drills to demonstrate technical ability.
  • As much as possible games should be played between teams of limited numbers to ensure all players have an opportunity to participate fully in the game.
  • More than one game can be played at once, if there are sufficient selectors to view each game at an adequate level.

Initial Round of Games

  • Players should be allocated positions firstly based on player preference and secondly on selectors prior knowledge of players (if applicable).
  • Based on prior knowledge, players should be allocated to fairly even teams, so that all players can be viewed in a similar context.

Subsequent Round of Games

  • The selectors should agree the selection of the team at the end of the trial. The selectors should also agree which players in each position are the next best, so that should any selected players become unavailable for selection, replacements can easily be made.
  • If any player is, because of injury, illness or another legitimate reason, (for example, a player who is in a Capital Football Representative squad) is not available for the trial, and in the view of the selectors would have been selected, then the selectors must refer the issue to the Coaching and Development Manager and Junior Club Captain for determination. However it should be noted that preference will be given to those that attend trials.

Selecting Coaches/Players

  • It is a requirement of the Club that any coach who is selected to coach a streamed team must attend at least one coaching course during the season.

If you have any enquiry please refer to:

the Coaching and Development Manager Martin Pereyra Garcia ( or the Trial Convenor Lorinda Kelly (