Trials 2019

Trials – 24th February & 3rd March 2019

Trials for the 2019 season are to be held on consecutive Sundays 24th February & 3rdMarch.

An additional 13th & 14/15th Grade trial has been scheduled 3 March if required.

Please remember all players to be registered and season fees paid before entering a trial. Only players registered with IBU will be allowed to trial.

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If you cannot attend a trial but wish to be considered for either the top team or the second team, please email

Sunday 24th February @ Wakefield Park

  • 10am – 11th Grade Mixed (born 2008)
  • 12pm – 12th Grade Mixed (born 2007)
  • 2pm – 13th Grade Mixed* (born 2006) – 1st Trial
  • 4pm – 14th /15th Grade Mixed* (born 2004-2005) – 1st Trial

Sunday 3rd March @ Wakefield Park

  • 10am – 9th Grade Mixed (born 2010)
  • 12pm – 10th Grade Mixed (born 2009)
  • 2pm – 13th Grade Mixed* (born 2006) – 2nd Trial (TBC if required)
  • 4pm – 14/15th Grade Mixed* (born 2004-2005) – 2nd Trial (TBC if required)
  • 13/14/15th Grade GOSL (TBC if required)

*Players in IBU TDP Programme must attend respective trials to be considered for IBU Sharks teams.