What is TDP?

The New Zealand Football (NZF) Talent Development Programme (TDP) provides an aligned, co-ordinated approach to the development of high potential youth footballers, aged 13-17 years. Its main aim is to provide a challenging, structured programme for players, in an enjoyable environment that maximises player development.

What age is TDP for?

TDP is for players 13-17 years. If invited by the Director Football, a younger player may be eligible to trial.

When are the trials?

Dates are to be confirmed, but trials are likely to be the last week of January and the first week of February.

How do I know if my child should trial?

We encourage all our Youth Grade players to trial.

Does my child need to be in TDP if they want to be a Shark?

Yes, to play in a Sharks 13th Grade, U15A or U17A team, the player needs to be part of TDP.

How do trainings work if a Shark isn’t in TDP?

As TDP players train 3 times a week it is now a requirement for 13th Grade, U15A or U17A team Sharks players to be part of TDP.

What if there aren’t enough players for a TDP/Shark team?

This would be assessed at the beginning of the year. It is possible to double band age groups.

My child belongs to another Club, can they trial for TDP?

Yes, players from other Clubs can trial for IBU TDP if their own Club doesn’t have a TDP licence

Do I need to sign up for a whole year?

Yes, it is a requirement from NZF that players must commit for the whole year.

We missed the trials, can we join TDP?

Please contact us at

Can my child play for school and TDP?

It is possible, however it is difficult to manage the training and game load, as well as the rest and recovery players need. We’d recommend you discuss this with the Director of Football before committing to TDP/school.

My child is injured, what happens next?

Players are expected to attend training (when possible) so they can listen and learn from coaches. Players are also asked to help coaches during the sessions. Depending on the age groups an injured player might be asked to help teammates by coaching a team during training. This is to make sure they have an active part.

My child is sick and can’t make a training. Can he attend another one?

Unfortunately no. Players can only attend training with their group unless the Director of Football requests them to attend another session.

Training was cancelled, is there a make-up session?

Unfortunately due to the requirements of the licence (field and coaches) we are not in a position to have make-up sessions.

My child is in TDP this year, does he/she automatically get in next year?

We will be running a two week identification camp at the beginning of each year where all players have the opportunity to play in front of coaches and trial for TDP.

I’ve heard there’s a Strength & Conditioning class – who’s that for?

At this stage it is only for U17 TDP group. We are looking to make it available for all age groups in the future.

What’s the policy for players playing outside their age group?

The Director of Football and the coaches assess this case by case. Players will be placed in the best possible environment for their ability and stage.

Who do I contact if I have a query?

If your TDP query relates to the TDP programme, you can email us at, or for fee related queries. If it is team or training specific, you can contact your child’s coach.

Who are the coaches?

Martin Pereyra-Garcia (Director of Football 13th & U17 Grade Coach), Magno Viera (Technical Director), Leo Villa (U15 Coach), Jack Doyle (U13 Assistant Coach), Kerrin Manuel (U17 Assistant Coach)