Fun Football (7-8 yrs)

The Fun Football Program is run by Island Bay United Juniors as part of NZ Football’s Whole of Football Framework. It is designed to assist players aged 7-8 years to develop the basic soccer skills through direct coaching, fun, practice and games.

Fun Football in 2018 is for boys and girls born in 2011 (7th grade) and in 2010 (8th grade) and this programme is based at Wakefield Park artificial turf at 8am on Saturdays. On every third weekend a Fun Football Festival day sends teams to play games against other clubs, using the same format. Girls may play one grade younger than their age.

Players are taken through 2 training drills called Station Rotation then play 4 short games of 5 v 5 on small fields, with no goalkeepers and modified rules (see below).  Once players reach 8th grade in Fun Football, players also attend a training session during the week.

Players are provided with a yellow IBU club shirt. They need their own yellow socks, black shorts, shin pads and a size 3 ball.

Early engagement into the game should be encouraged as it is necessary to reach excellence. This initiation phase is to allow the children to discover the game, provide for learning basic fundamental movement skills and create positive football experiences.

Fun Football Guidelines
  • No competitive games
  • Adults and children work together informally to meet the personal/emotional needs of the youngsters
  • Lots of chances to score goals and enjoy mini challenges
  • Encourage participation in a variety of additional activities to develop physical literacy (e.g. running, jumping, throwing, etc)
  • Parents and game leaders bring out the fun of football through guiding and supporting their children to understand the basic rules of Fun Football

WHERE: Island Bay United Fun Football is run on the artificial turf at Wakefield Park alongside First Kicks.

WHEN: Each Saturday from 8am to 9:30am.

(Note: 8am sharp to start. Parking at Wakefield Park is extremely busy so consider your transport options.)

Field Allocation

The field that your team is allocated will be displayed in the clubrooms on Saturday mornings.

Fun Football Game rules

1)  8-10 minute games (can be 15mins in 8th grade)
2)  hooter signals change of drill or new game
3)  No goal keepers
4)  No offside
5)  Goal kick – attacking players return to half way
6)  No corners
7)  No throw-ins -> kick ins

Expected behaviour from children:

  • To respect adults and equipment
  • Do your best and have fun
  • To be caring, sharing and no swearing

Expected behaviour from adults:

  • Applaud the good and encourage fair play!!!
  • To be caring and sharing
  • Not over bearing
  • No swearing