Age Groups

Juniors play in teams of their own age (girls can choose to play in a team one year below their actual age). Details on regulations and requirements for each grade are in the drop down list. For 2019, the ages for each grade are:

  • born 2002-2004 – U17 Boys Youth Grade
  • born in 2004 – 2005 14-15th Grade Youth Grade
  • born in 2006 – 13th Grade Youth Grade
  • born in 2007 – 12th Grade Mini Football
  • born in 2008 – 11th Grade Mini Football
  • born in 2009 – 10th Grade Mini Football
  • born in 2010 – 9th Grade Mini Football
  • born in 2011 – 8th Grade Fun Football
  • born in 2012 – 7th Grade Fun Football
  • born in 2013 – 6th Grade First Kicks
  • born in 2014 before 1 September – 5th Grade First Kicks

Trials will be held 24 February and 3 March to select (based on merit) a 1st team for each grade from 9th grade and older, called the Sharks. This team may play in a different league.

The other teams for the grade all have “ocean themed” names – markerels, herrings, eels, etc.

Capital Football organises the junior leagues, with teams from the Wellington area.


Practice sessions times are arranged within each team – normally on a weekday afternoon/early evening. Sharks teams will have several practices a week; other teams usually have one practice per week.

Games are on Saturday, normally between 8am and early afternoon.