Who To Contact

Please get in touch with the club. We like to hear from you! Below are a list of contacts. Please direct your query to the person best able to help.

Player Registrations / Paymentsregistration@ibujuniors.org.nz

Holiday or other programs: events@ibujuniors.org.nz

Trials: Lorinda  Kelly – trials@ibujuniors.org.nz

Gear: To request changes in shirt sizes please email:  gear@ibujuniors.org.nz

Coaching and Development Manager: Martin Garcia, academy@ibujuniors.org.nz

All the player grades have different managers. If your query is about a player or a grade, please see the list below.


Girls only grades: – girls@ibujuniors.org.nz

First Kicks (5-6) – Please email us if you are interested in this role

Fun Football (7th Grade):  funfootball7th@ibujuniors.org.nz

Fun Football (8th Grade):  funfootball8th@ibujuniors.org.nz

Mini Football (9th-10th grades): mini9and10th@ibujuniors.org.nz

Mini Football (11th-12th grades): mini11and12th@ibujuniors.org.nz

Youth Football (13th-14th grades): youthgrades@ibujuniors.org.nz

Club Captain: Zen Yates-Fill is the junior club captain, who will welcome contact about whole club issues or offers of help, sponsorship, pretty much any other task. Email: clubcaptain@ibujuniors.org.nz