Being a Shark

The Island Bay United Junior Football Club relies on volunteers, and this includes the coaching and management of Sharks teams. We are all representing Island Bay, whether on the field or on the sideline, and commitment and behaviour is expected to be exemplary at all times.

There are some expectations of players and their families in order to make the most of the opportunity of being part of the Sharks environment. In return players will get coaches and managers who are committed to developing players and the Sharks team as a whole, which means every player will get game time on Saturday.

Of course, one of the most important factors for players is enjoyment – at Island Bay we want all players to be engaged and enjoying their football. We want players to be starting out on their lifelong enjoyment and participation in the beautiful game.


Expectations of players and families

By committing to the trials and being selected for the Sharks team, every player agrees that Island Bay football will be their top sporting priority. If this changes please inform the coaches/managers at the earliest possible opportunity.

Player development is very important, so this may mean that a player does not get to play their preferred position. Decisions on player positions will be at the discretion of the coaches and it is expected that players and parents will support these decisions.

The parent’s/family’s role is to be supportive of all players, the coaches and managers and the opposition. We would like opposition players and their supporters to feel welcome at Wakefield Park and would encourage them to use our clubroom.

Parent/family participation, support and communication are vital to team dynamics. We encourage all parents to communicate with coaches/managers


Player behaviours and values

Players’ attitudes should be respectful, cooperative, and supportive at all times to each other, the coaches and managers, both at practices and on game day.

Players should be open to learning and developing as players and as people. Some of the best human characteristics come from participating in team sports.

The best results and achievements come from being committed and determined. Every player makes mistakes; it’s all part of learning. The coaches will provide a safe environment so that if players make mistakes they can have the opportunity to learn from them and improve next time.


Sharks practices

The coaches have limited contact time each week with the players in which to deliver the drills, strategies and messages. All players must be on time and ready to go at the start of practice.

Lateness should be communicated directly to the coaches at the earliest possible opportunity.

Let the coaches know if a player cannot make it to practice – preferably well in advance so the coaches can plan the sessions better.

Let the coaches know by Thursday night if a player is ill or injured and can’t make the game on Saturday – or as soon as possible if illness or injury occurs after Thursday. For any other unforeseen circumstances please communicate to the coaches/managers as soon as possible.

If a player is not playing on Saturday, unless they are sick in bed, the Club expects every Sharks player to be at home games supporting the team and contributing to team spirit.