Drills & Activities

The are dozens of available drills and challenges that you can use to structure trainings at all Junior levels.

Junior Framework Manual gives and outline of the balance that a training session should achieve between General Movement (warmup),  Coordination and Technique drills, and Small Sided Games with different challenges in them.

Junior Games & Activities is a big resource of drills to use.

Additional Junior Games & Activities are more, interesting drills.

For specific age grades:

First Kicks 8 Week Programme

Fun Football 8 Week Programme

Mini Football 9-10yrs 8 Week Programme

Mini Football 11-12yrs 8 Week Programme

And if you are looking for a specific challenge for a player or competition within the team to improve a specific aspect, try one of these:

Turning Challenge

Shooting Challenge

Passing Challenge

Dribbling Challenge

Ball Control Challenge