Exercises & Activities

The are dozens of available drills and challenges that you can use to structure trainings at all Junior levels.

Junior Football Coach’s Handbook

Our goal is to enthuse young players so they fall in love with our sport and stay in it for life. To help achieve this, the Junior Football Coach’s Handbook covers coaches games and activities for 4-12 year olds, each focusing on a particular technical outcome. Every activity is an opportunity for young children to take part in fun, enjoyable football games which develop them as players and as people.

Junior Framework

The Junior Framework gives and outline of the balance that a training session should achieve between General Movement (warmup),  Coordination and Technique drills, and Small Sided Games with different challenges in them.

2018 Training Game Cards

The 2018 Training Game Cards provide games that are perfect for indoors and outdoors

For specific age grades:

First Kicks 8 Week Programme

Fun Football 8 Week Programme

Mini Football 9-10yrs 8 Week Programme

Mini Football 11-12yrs 8 Week Programme

And if you are looking for a specific challenge for a player or competition within the team to improve a specific aspect, try one of these:

Turning Challenge

Shooting Challenge

Passing Challenge

Dribbling Challenge

Ball Control Challenge