Sharks Trials Completed 2013

It was a mission for the coaches and selectors, but grade trials for the 9th to 14th grades were completed at MacAlister Park in good weather over the past two weekends. A huge thanks to all who participated.  

If you did not trial, or are not named in a Sharks team, don’t worry. All junior players will be registered into teams and contacted by team managers before the end of March.

The first games of the winter season are APRIL 13th / 14th.

2013 Sharks Teams

Our team names are changing for 2013 to replace the ‘A and B’ titles. The first and second team in 9th and 10th grade will be given different shark names. The first team in 11th to 14th grades will simply be ‘Sharks’, and the second teams be named after a type of shark.

If you have any questions about the trials please send an email to