IBU players make National Age Group squads

On 12-16 December the country’s talented youth will compete in the 2018 National Age Group Tournament (NAGT). The tournament, held in Wellington, brings together the seven federations and just over 600 youth players across five different age groups.  

Island Bay United would like to congratulate the following players for being selected to represent Capital Football in the tournament. A fantastic achievement and we wish you all the best for your respective campaigns!

16 Girls

  • Sarah Cook 
  • Tallulah Nemet-Sargent

14 Boys

  • Riley Manuel
  • Johnny Khoun
  • Flynn Crocker
  • Josh Apaapa-Preston

15 Boys

  • Grainger Scott
  • Matthew McCarty
  • Marco Lorenz (IBU 2017)
  • George Walker (IBU 2017)
  • Davind Tor (IBU 2017)
  • Nathan Simes (IBU 2015)

16 Boys

  • Jesse Randall 

Tournament Programme