9th to 14th grades: trial dates and times confirmed

Island Bay United Juniors are pleased to confirm the trial dates and times for 9th to 14th mixed grades. Please note that the 13th and 14th Girls Only Sunday League (GOSL) remain TBC.

Please remember all players to be registered and season fees paid before entering a trial. Only players registered with IBU will be allowed to trial.

If you cannot attend a trial but wish to be considered for either the top team or the second team, please email trials@ibujuniors.org.nz

Sunday 25th February @ Wakefield Park

  • 10am – 9th Grade Mixed (born 2009)
  • 12pm – 10th Grade Mixed (born 2008)
  • 2pm – 13th Grade Mixed (born 2005) – 1st Trial
  • 4pm – 14th Grade Mixed (born 2004) – 1st Trial

Sunday 4th March @ Wakefield Park

  • 10am – 11th Grade Mixed (born 2007)
  • 12pm – 12th Grade Mixed (born 2006)
  • 2pm – 13th Grade Mixed (born 2005) – 2nd Trial
  • 4pm – 14th Grade Mixed (born 2004) – 2nd Trial
  • 13/14th Grade GOSL (TBC if required)

Please register here

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Should your player attend trials?

The aim of the trials is to pick a top ‘Sharks’ team that will be entered in the very competitive regional Premier Leagues, and a second team of keen and committed players with good skills, as a development pool of players who will enjoy playing with similar players and may in future seasons be promoted into the top Sharks team, as the squad sizes get larger.

The  regional Premier Leagues start in 10th Grade. From 9th Grade we select Sharks teams to enter in the top divisions where they compete against the top teams from other clubs.

The club welcomes and supports all players at all levels, so the trials are not appropriate for the majority of our players who enjoy the sport at a participation level without pressure. The trial system is also not about bragging rights, it is a mechanism to group players of similar skills together, boost their enjoyment, and target appropriate coaching and support at talented footballers. Even if you don’t expect to make the first team, good players should trial as a signal to the club you are keen to play with other keen, competent players.

In 9th and 10th grade we sometimes create a ‘third’ squad based on trial results. These grades often see movement between squads from year to year, and there may be very little difference between the top 2 teams, so in these grades, selected teams are given shark species names like the Hammerheads.

From the 11th Mini Football level and older, the top team is simply called Sharks.

Girls playing in mixed Saturday league teams are welcome to trial, either in their grade or one grade younger. In 2018 we will also be trialling for the 13th & 14th grade Sunday Girls Only Leagues.

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