2017 Prize Giving Schedule

Well the end of the 2017 winter season is nearly here.

This year the 13th & 14th grade (including 2 GOSL teams) will have prize giving from 6.30pm on Friday the 1st of September. All other grades are Saturday 2 September as follows:

  • First Kicks 10am-10.45
  • 7th grade 11-11.45
  • 8th grade (including GOSL Stingrays) 12-12.45
  • 9th grade 1pm -1.45
  • 10th grade 2-2.45
  • 11th grade (incl 1 GOSL) 3-3.45
  • 12th grade 4-4.45

Bring a plate – All teams to bring plates of food to share with their team mates and the club will supply drinks.

Gear bags – Teams are to return their gear bag at prize giving. It needs to be complete and all the gear needs to be clean.

Team photos – The pre-ordered photos will also be available at prize giving at a cost of $5 each. The team manager needs to collect the money from the team and then pick up the photos at prizegiving.

All teams need to submit their team photo, spreadsheet and certificate/trophy details in accordance with the emails sent out earlier. Please remind everyone not to leave it to the last minute as it is a tight turnaround to get everything printed, engraved and ready on time.

Trophies – Similar to previous years, two trophies are awarded for 9th grade and above and one person in each team from first kicks to 8th grade will be randomly selected to win a new ball.