Federation Talent Centre 2016

Congratulations to the 29 players selected from IBU for the Federation Talent Centres for 2016. And commiserations to those who just missed out. Keep working hard.

The selected IBU players are:

  • Liberato Cacace, Will Forrest, Sam Wright (2000)
  • Sean Lane-Turnbull, Stefan Chmielewski, Alice Wright, Meagan Hayes, Helena Newport, Nicole Dalley (2001)
  • Bruno McKnight, Finn O’Connor, Cheyenne Vithal, Eliza Hollis, Paris Marshall, Sarah Cook (2002)
  • Grainger Scott, Abe Tahau, Juliana Quinn, Hannah Bertschinger, Tallulah Nemet-Sargent, Erykah Newport, Therese Wright (2003)
  • Darren Yong, Dawson Elliot, Flynn Crocker, Anna McCarthy, Jessica Hannan, Rebekah Peters, Tara Kinajil-Moran (2004)

Great work all of you.

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