Capital Football Stance on Discrimination

After recent coverage of a racism allegation, Capital Football have made a number of statements and conducted a disciplinary hearing. The chairman has also released this statement to clubs.

“Thank you to all those who have submitted responses over the last couple of weeks to our email asking for other instances of discrimination that you feel Capital Football needs to be aware of. We are in the process of collating and reviewing these.

Capital Football does not condone any form of abuse, on or off the field.

We have reiterated to our referees to be vigilant and deal with any verbal abuse on the field, including any discriminatory comments. As many of our grades do not have an independent referee, we ask that everyone helps us address any unacceptable behaviour.

This is a community issue, not just a football or sport issue, and it will take the community to address this.

That means it is up to us, as individuals, as teammates and as clubs to take responsibility and not tolerate racist behaviour. Where players and club officials see and hear it happening in their club, first and foremost they should deal with it and call the offender to account. Disapproval from mates and internal club discipline processes should be the first response. The victims of the abuse are, of course, encouraged to lodge a complaint and referees must be vigilant but we look to Clubs to take responsibility for their members and not to just leave it to the ‘authorities’.

We adhere to the NZ Football Code of Conduct and we fully endorse the FIFA Resolution on the fight against Racism and Discrimination passed in May this year.

We also support the UEFA Respect campaign, which has produced this document that we think is useful to help Clubs and us tackle discrimination in Club football.

If a comment is made towards you or a team mate that you deem to be unacceptable, the process we encourage you to follow is:

  • Talk to your Team Captain and your Club Contact/Club Captain.
  • If you would like to lay a complaint, this is to be made to Capital Football through your Club Contact person outlining what happened, and identify the person involved as much as possible.
  • Capital Football will investigate the incident and gather information from all parties.
  • From there, Capital Football will decide whether a penalty in line with the Capital Football Regulations is appropriate or if a Disciplinary Committee hearing is to be called.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chris Canton – Chair, Capital Football Board”

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